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Trans-Continental Agencies is a family owned & professionally managed indenting firm. It was established in 1962 by three brothers Mr. S.R.A Pai, Mr. Shamim Pai and Mr. Naeem Pai with a strong vision for Pakistan Pharmaceutical Market.

As time passes the company grows from a small trading house to a well established indenting firm of Pakistan.

The companyís foundation which was laid by three brother which is now carrying by their sons who are making it more prosperous by keeping in mind the vision of their father & uncles.

Today, Trans-Continental is enjoying the trust of their customers across Pakistan due to its strong affiliation with foreign principals, customer-friendly service and partnering with valued clients.

Trans-Continental head office is in Karachi and one liaison office in Lahore from where it caters northern region of the country. Keeping in mind the need of the industry, TCA have equipped itself with latest marketing & sourcing tool to help clients in finding competitive source in short time.

Trans-Continental also look forward to open new order in other growing sectors in near future and thankful to Almighty Allah who helped us from the beginning in achieving the success and look forward to HIS mercy and support in days & years to come.

Trans-Continental started their business as a small trading company and was engaged in trading of non-active (excepients) in food and pharma sector. Soon, as market changes and demand increase company realize the potential of packaging material in those sector. In early 80s, TCA started indenting of Pharma/Food Packaging material, mainly of Rigid PVC Film and Printed Aluminium Packaging material. Later, company started to market moisture protection films from Switzerland.

With changing technology in Europe new excepients were introduce in pharma for better performance, and that was the time when company engaged itself in marketing of Coating Material and tabletting excepients from Germany.

Today we are marketing a wide range of chemicals APIs, Tabletting Excepients, Coating Material & Packaging Material from all over the world and representing reliable European, Chinese and Indian sources and serving the industry to their entire satisfaction.

Beside catering the need of Pharma Industry, TCA also actively contribute towards Allied Industry and Poultry Industry by providing high quality products & services. TCA envisioned itself to be amongst leading companies serving these industries and with complete faith on Almighty along with the strong determination.

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